Sunday, August 29, 2010

almost starting!

busy weekend!

on saturday, steven started taking out the front driver's side heater. it was GROSS. filled with dead mice skeletons. ew. we took a break after a while because it was stinky. steven wanted to come back this morning by himself with a face mask.

while he was getting the heater started, i painted the doghouse with rust converter.

afterward, we went to get a drill, a pressure washer and a couple other tools.

we also went to the aquatic center in havasu and to late lunch at black bear diner for my birthday :D (steven got me a shiatsu massaging pillow and a bottle of disaronno. thank you!)

today, we dropped steven off and i took the boys to get some paint and to play at the park. when we got back, steven had finished taking the heater out and cleaned up a bit.

we started pressure washing the inside. it's made a HUGE difference. finally, an end to the filth is in sight.

i painted the doghouse blue. nicholas REALLY wanted it purple. i'm going to take that little can of red that i used to paint the wringer and dump it in for the next coat.

steven started pressure washing the underside of the bus. noah helped.

i cleaned off/organized our work bench/future kitchen.

all clean!
getting there!
steven ground down a few screws that were poking up quick before we left.

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