Monday, April 18, 2011

kitchen tour

for ella!

from left to right - RV range (with a broken handle and missing knob) sitting on a custom cabinet.
- the cabinet that came with the bus. it has a new counter and a sink. raised up 7 inches and drawers stuck underneath.
- the blue cooler on the floor has a spout. it sits on the counter to wash dishes with. the sink empties into a galvanized bucket under the counter.
- on the wall, the top shelf holds 10 - 1/2 pint canning jars. the bottom 2 shelves hold pint size jars. the green are 2 lunchboxes screwed to the wall to hold sauces or other kitchen stuff.

- on the other side - the repainted ice box is sitting on top of the mini-fridge. we haven't even plugged the fridge in it. no idea if it even works at this point.
- the wooden cabinet is the trash can. the front door opens to get the bag out.

- inside the icebox, a cooler filled with ice and 2 jugs of water fit perfectly in the bottom. i'll have to fit a couple shelves in later.

the bed!

we started the bed this weekend. exciting!

it's going to go across the entire back of the bus.

except the center is going to lift up so we will still be able to use the back door.

we build one side on sunday.

then today the boys and i went over to cover the front and lay it in place.

i used the staple gun and stapled some leftover ceiling panels down. nicholas and noah hammered them in all the way.

then we cleared out the side and fit it into place.

it's going to have a 3/4" piece of ply on top with a hinge on the wall side so we can get under there for storage.

the other side is going to look the same with the hinge against the wall to get underneath. it is also going to have another hinged board to flip out to go across the center.

shelf above the bed. (the last one got scrapped) it fits 2 medium sized baskets and 3 small ones.

Friday, April 15, 2011


the ceiling is done!!! holy moly!

this took
it's a little lumpy in places but it's nothing a little glue can't fix. the right side is a lot nicer than the left because we had more practice :D

we made an enormous mess.
yep, big mess.
but it's mostly cleaned up now!

Monday, April 4, 2011


my camera's been lost so i haven't been able to update!

we've done a lot of exciting things!

i painted the ice box white to match the fridge.
we are going to lay it down and use it like a chest so the ice will be use more efficiently because the cool air stay inside when we open the door.

we redid the ceiling with strips of hard plywood. there are a few bubbles here and there that need some guerrilla glue but other than that, i think it looks pretty good. it reminds me of cedar siding on a house by the beach.

we raised up the counter and slide a couple drawers underneath. they still need to be painted.

we build a cabinet for the oven to sit on. our pot and pans are going to go in there.

i put a little shelf in the back above where the bed is going to be.

i got myself a new computer chair to go in front of my desk. i chose to not be practical about it because being practical sucks.

build a lovable loo!