Monday, April 4, 2011


my camera's been lost so i haven't been able to update!

we've done a lot of exciting things!

i painted the ice box white to match the fridge.
we are going to lay it down and use it like a chest so the ice will be use more efficiently because the cool air stay inside when we open the door.

we redid the ceiling with strips of hard plywood. there are a few bubbles here and there that need some guerrilla glue but other than that, i think it looks pretty good. it reminds me of cedar siding on a house by the beach.

we raised up the counter and slide a couple drawers underneath. they still need to be painted.

we build a cabinet for the oven to sit on. our pot and pans are going to go in there.

i put a little shelf in the back above where the bed is going to be.

i got myself a new computer chair to go in front of my desk. i chose to not be practical about it because being practical sucks.

build a lovable loo!

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