Sunday, February 20, 2011


the bus is really starting to come together! i'm super excited about it.

nicholas and i painted the bottom of the walls blue with some oops paint.

we got a futon yesterday. it was $299 at big lots. not so bad. i don't think it really even looks like a futon. it doesn't have those wretched bars either. one really nice thing about this one is that you can lift up the seat and there is a big storage area underneath.

i also moved a bunch of cabinets from home:

~ the purple and green cabinet with the kitchen sink that i refinished from the cabinet that was in the bus when we got it
~ 2 tall shelves are going to be my and steven's desks.
~ 2 toy cabinets for the boys (there's another bigger cabinet to sit on top of these 2 but they need it at home for now.)
~ a shoe shelf for right next to the door
we have a couple more to bring over later too but they can wait.

they need to keep the couch box for their fort :P

up next is the ceiling! come on, tax return!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

cubby hole

i wasn't sure what i was going to do in the front under the dash behind the door. i knew i wanted some kind of storage. i was thinking shelves with a door and a door but, eh, i didn't really want to actually do it. a storage bin is way easier. so that's what i did! :P

we are planning on having it be for sweatshirts/coats so they will be close to the door.

it's the same color as the walls. i got an opps quart for $4 at lowes last week. i actually really like it. with the greenish and purple, it gives a beachy feel. at least i think it does. steven either doesn't think so... or doesn't care... i can't tell. :P

Monday, February 14, 2011

blog neglect

we've been going to the bus everyday lately. we've barely been home. so busy!

- i finished painting the windows with the elastomeric roof coating.
- i finished painting the step
- steven finished the first coat of roof paint
- we hung walls! (except for behind the bathtub)
- we painted the living room area walls
- i cut out some sheet metal panels and glued them down in the front floorboard area
- steven cut out/reconnected the heater hoses in the engine.
- i washed/painted the metal pieces that were in between the windows but ended up not using them. i glued strips of wood on instead.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

finished steps! woot!

i finished the step yesterday. i put a piece of plywood over the 3 2x4s. i needed to sand down the front corner so the door would close.

then i siliconed some short pieces of ply around the edges to close up any gaps.

then everything got a coat of purple. i'll have to go back and give it a couple more coats. but all the major stuff is finished.

nicholas cut out a light we didn't need.

it was a long day. noah fell asleep using his lunchbox as a pillow. haha

today, it was too cold and windy to go over. we went shopping instead. i wanted to check out some sticky carpet tile for the cockpit area. they wanted $3/sqft. yikes. they were like $8 per tile.

so i was looking at rubber floor tiles. they were even more expensive. like $9 a piece.

i kept going to foam floor tiles. they had grey ones for $19 for 16sqft. not so bad.

they had some kid's room alphabet ones $18 for 26sqft. winner! i got 2 packs.

i also got another gallon of elastomeric roof paint, a quart of low voc contact cement and another paint roller thingy because steven broke the last one.

we came home and set up the tiles on the living room floor. they love them. :)