Sunday, February 20, 2011


the bus is really starting to come together! i'm super excited about it.

nicholas and i painted the bottom of the walls blue with some oops paint.

we got a futon yesterday. it was $299 at big lots. not so bad. i don't think it really even looks like a futon. it doesn't have those wretched bars either. one really nice thing about this one is that you can lift up the seat and there is a big storage area underneath.

i also moved a bunch of cabinets from home:

~ the purple and green cabinet with the kitchen sink that i refinished from the cabinet that was in the bus when we got it
~ 2 tall shelves are going to be my and steven's desks.
~ 2 toy cabinets for the boys (there's another bigger cabinet to sit on top of these 2 but they need it at home for now.)
~ a shoe shelf for right next to the door
we have a couple more to bring over later too but they can wait.

they need to keep the couch box for their fort :P

up next is the ceiling! come on, tax return!

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