Tuesday, October 26, 2010

floor done!

library today! their favorite day!

after the library, we went over to the bus and finished the floor. i only had to cut 9 pieces. 2 to fit on the front of the right wheel well and 7 along the side. not too bad.
i used 6 boxes of flooring. there are 11 left, including the 4 that are different. i think i'm going to use the different ones on the inside of the boys bunks.

i think we are going to start raising the roof this weekend.

Monday, October 25, 2010

more floor

this morning i put the sink in the cabinet and trimmed the counter so the drawer fit in again. the counter that was on before didn't have a lip and this one does to it just needed a little trim down.

the boys and i went over to the bus this afternoon and put some more floor boards down. we are going to go over again after the library and hopefully finish up.
the bumps don't need flooring because they are both going to be covered.

floor started!

steven's dad was there yesterday. he was digging an irrigation ditch (according to nicholas, "we're digging a dudge. that means stream.") the boys helped him all day. which means steven and i were able to get a lot done.

first we filled in any holes and ground off any screws. there were 3 big holes (like the one under my knee in the pic.) steven cut squares of wall paneling out and we guerrilla glued them down. they need to be weighted down for a couple hours.

that's why the bricks and fire extinguisher are on the floor.

plastic vapor barrier sheeting went down first.

then the blue foam.

we took a break for a nap. :)
then aluminum foil. the more expensive foam board had foil on one side of it. this way was cheaper :)
all foiled.

we started a laying floor down. it was getting late so we had to finish up.

i'm really happy with how much we got accomplished yesterday!

Saturday, October 23, 2010

floor score!

we went to lowe's today to get flooring. when we first walked in we saw a pallet of laminate for 64 cents/sqft. we decided that that was what we were going to get but we were going to go take a look at foam insulation first.

we got 15 2'x8' 1" blue foam boards. we got more than we will need for the floor but we will be able to use it elsewhere.

then steven took the boys to get some razor blades and i went to look at bathroom flooring.

i walked down the flooring aisle and found real hardwood for $.24/sqft! <$5.50/box! unfortunately, there were only 4 boxes. but i wanted to get them anyway.


i saw another one for $.32/sqft. not quite 24 cents but not $4/sqft like it was originally priced. there were 13 boxes of that one left so we got all of them.

$235 total. not too bad!

then we went to the park and played at the playground. the we played air baseball because we didn't have any stuff :P

i took pics but then i realized that it was saving to the internal memory because i forgot to put the sd card back in. naturally. take pics tomorrow!

Friday, October 22, 2010

bathtub in! (kind of)

i painted more of the floor and siliconed in some of the seat holes.

we also built the frame for the bathtub.

as it turns out, we are not as skilled a pair of carpenters as we though. i hope the learning curve is a short one.

we set up video games in the back of the van for nicholas. he loved it.


my original plan for the cabinet was to paint it purple and have the counter top and doors natural.

so i sanded like crazy to get all the old paint off. the big hole is going to be where the sink will sit.

the back of them got painted purple.

i rubbed the fronts/counter top with walnut oil. apparently, it's the best stuff to use.

i think it looked really nice... until i screwed the doors back on. whoever built the thing put the center door on sideways so the grain went horizontal. oi.

we guerrilla glued the top on

and painted the front turquoise. all the purple got a coat of poly. the turquoise got 2 coats. the counter top is staying just walnut oiled.

they played in the dirt while i painted :)

Sunday, October 10, 2010

floor painting

on saturday, i painted the cabinet that's going to hold the kitchen sink. (it's purple. the picture is crappy.) steven covered the ice box with blue foam board (i forgot to take a pic.)

this morning we rode our bikes to the beach. first bike ride since the heat broke!

all the tires needed air after sitting in the garage all summer.

after the beach, noah and i went to the bus by ourselves. on the way, (read: before we pulled out of the driveway) noah fell asleep. he slept the whole time we were in the store buying paint and for like 45 minutes while i was painting. tired boy.

i got most of it done before he woke up and got WAY messy. like, head to toe. literally.

i pushed everything to the back 2 panels and painted forward. i got almost to the front before we had to go.

painting tip: butter gets rustoleum off babies.


i found some disk folders at dollar general for $5. super cheap. i bought all of them. i'll have to go get more though.

i still have a bunch to go but most of the movies are in the folders.

took a break

we took a break last weekend.

on saturday, we went to havasu. i don't even remember what we did. everyone was grouchy. :/

sunday we went out on a friend's boat. we had fun! it was a great day!

nicholas in front of the parker dam.

noah was unsure of the life jacket :P