Sunday, October 10, 2010

floor painting

on saturday, i painted the cabinet that's going to hold the kitchen sink. (it's purple. the picture is crappy.) steven covered the ice box with blue foam board (i forgot to take a pic.)

this morning we rode our bikes to the beach. first bike ride since the heat broke!

all the tires needed air after sitting in the garage all summer.

after the beach, noah and i went to the bus by ourselves. on the way, (read: before we pulled out of the driveway) noah fell asleep. he slept the whole time we were in the store buying paint and for like 45 minutes while i was painting. tired boy.

i got most of it done before he woke up and got WAY messy. like, head to toe. literally.

i pushed everything to the back 2 panels and painted forward. i got almost to the front before we had to go.

painting tip: butter gets rustoleum off babies.

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