Friday, November 26, 2010

yard sale!

our friend julie and mike were having a yard sale today so noah and i went over this morning with a van-load of stuff to sell.

i sold one thing and made a whopping $3. lol

we are going to try again after we get home from pennsylvania on jan 19.

they did give us a set of bunk beds though that we are going to use for the boys bunk rooms. so that was a big plus for the day.

they also gave us a satellite dish. i didn't know if we needed one or not. steven said probably not, but we'll have it if we do.

Saturday, November 13, 2010

exterior painting

we finished one side today. the other side has the sun shining on it in the afternoon so it gives me an instant headache to look at. we're going to have to go first thing in the morning to finish the driver's side.

nicholas REALLY wanted to use the sander. so steven gave it to him. he held it literally long enough for me to take the picture. haha

all taped off.
the reveal!

we love it! the white it rustoleum spray paint. the purple is exterior house paint with unsanded grout mixed in. chalkboard!

we popped the used up spray paint cans to get the marbles out. noah felt totally gypped that he only got one marble and nicholas got two. until he forgot about the marbles entirely when he got distracted by a box of raisins. :P

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

happy halloween!

we didn't go to the bus this weekend but we did get some stuff.

gas stove and a rooftop air conditioner. (i'm not sure if we are going to use the a/c.)

3 -way fridge. i'm not sure if we are going to use this either. the doors are a little warped and there is exposed asbestos in the back (that we are going to replace if we do end up using it). i don't know if that means there is asbestos inside it or not... and if that is bad. i don't know.

and if there is asbestos in the fridge does that mean there is asbestos in the oven because they came out of the same camper? hmm...

corner medicine cabinet and a little florescent light.

and the pièce de résistance: a horizontal propane tank. woot!

and we got it all for $300! woohoo!

we went trick our treating in havasu on sunday. it was fun when we first got there but it got really crowded really fast and nicholas was exhausted so we left early.
where's wolf?

nicholas the purple bat
mummy and granny tootsie

when we were walking around a woman came up to me and said she liked noah's costume. then she told me that she had a baby that she dressed up in a mummy costume too and that he died of cancer a year later :( i gave her a hug and cried. she said she liked it because it reminded her of him. so bittersweet.