Tuesday, November 2, 2010

happy halloween!

we didn't go to the bus this weekend but we did get some stuff.

gas stove and a rooftop air conditioner. (i'm not sure if we are going to use the a/c.)

3 -way fridge. i'm not sure if we are going to use this either. the doors are a little warped and there is exposed asbestos in the back (that we are going to replace if we do end up using it). i don't know if that means there is asbestos inside it or not... and if that is bad. i don't know.

and if there is asbestos in the fridge does that mean there is asbestos in the oven because they came out of the same camper? hmm...

corner medicine cabinet and a little florescent light.

and the pièce de résistance: a horizontal propane tank. woot!

and we got it all for $300! woohoo!

we went trick our treating in havasu on sunday. it was fun when we first got there but it got really crowded really fast and nicholas was exhausted so we left early.
where's wolf?

nicholas the purple bat
mummy and granny tootsie

when we were walking around a woman came up to me and said she liked noah's costume. then she told me that she had a baby that she dressed up in a mummy costume too and that he died of cancer a year later :( i gave her a hug and cried. she said she liked it because it reminded her of him. so bittersweet.

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