Saturday, October 23, 2010

floor score!

we went to lowe's today to get flooring. when we first walked in we saw a pallet of laminate for 64 cents/sqft. we decided that that was what we were going to get but we were going to go take a look at foam insulation first.

we got 15 2'x8' 1" blue foam boards. we got more than we will need for the floor but we will be able to use it elsewhere.

then steven took the boys to get some razor blades and i went to look at bathroom flooring.

i walked down the flooring aisle and found real hardwood for $.24/sqft! <$5.50/box! unfortunately, there were only 4 boxes. but i wanted to get them anyway.


i saw another one for $.32/sqft. not quite 24 cents but not $4/sqft like it was originally priced. there were 13 boxes of that one left so we got all of them.

$235 total. not too bad!

then we went to the park and played at the playground. the we played air baseball because we didn't have any stuff :P

i took pics but then i realized that it was saving to the internal memory because i forgot to put the sd card back in. naturally. take pics tomorrow!

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