Monday, October 25, 2010

floor started!

steven's dad was there yesterday. he was digging an irrigation ditch (according to nicholas, "we're digging a dudge. that means stream.") the boys helped him all day. which means steven and i were able to get a lot done.

first we filled in any holes and ground off any screws. there were 3 big holes (like the one under my knee in the pic.) steven cut squares of wall paneling out and we guerrilla glued them down. they need to be weighted down for a couple hours.

that's why the bricks and fire extinguisher are on the floor.

plastic vapor barrier sheeting went down first.

then the blue foam.

we took a break for a nap. :)
then aluminum foil. the more expensive foam board had foil on one side of it. this way was cheaper :)
all foiled.

we started a laying floor down. it was getting late so we had to finish up.

i'm really happy with how much we got accomplished yesterday!

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