Monday, April 18, 2011

kitchen tour

for ella!

from left to right - RV range (with a broken handle and missing knob) sitting on a custom cabinet.
- the cabinet that came with the bus. it has a new counter and a sink. raised up 7 inches and drawers stuck underneath.
- the blue cooler on the floor has a spout. it sits on the counter to wash dishes with. the sink empties into a galvanized bucket under the counter.
- on the wall, the top shelf holds 10 - 1/2 pint canning jars. the bottom 2 shelves hold pint size jars. the green are 2 lunchboxes screwed to the wall to hold sauces or other kitchen stuff.

- on the other side - the repainted ice box is sitting on top of the mini-fridge. we haven't even plugged the fridge in it. no idea if it even works at this point.
- the wooden cabinet is the trash can. the front door opens to get the bag out.

- inside the icebox, a cooler filled with ice and 2 jugs of water fit perfectly in the bottom. i'll have to fit a couple shelves in later.

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