Saturday, August 21, 2010

beginning the purge

i was doing some living in the bus daydreaming while looking at some living-on-the-road blogs when i came across this post.

i've been trying to keep getting rid of stuff in the back of my mind on purpose because it's overwhelming. we have a lot of stuff. a. lot. of. stuff.

but reading that got me to face the fact that we aren't going to be able to bring a house's worth of stuff onto a school bus. most of which i don't even want anyway.

you know when you move and you get to the last couple hours of packing and there are little odds and ends everywhere? you are SO done with organizing so you just throw it in a box and forget about it. we have a lot of that. we've moved 5 times since i got pregnant with nicholas. with approx. 2 odds and ends buckets per move.... that's a lot of junk we don't want.

and with having small kids, people are constantly giving us stuff. we had to limit the grandparents to 1 gift per kid because one christmas there was so much that it literally didn't all fit in the car to come home. they have more clothes than will fit in their drawers.

so it's time.

time to shed the unwanted, unneeded, unnecessary STUFF.

our (my) goal is to get rid of 60% of our stuff.

we started last night by going through the blankets and sheets. we went through the linen closet, and 1 tub of baby blankets. we got rid of 1 bags of garbage, and 2 bags for donation. we kept 1 tub full, 1 small zipper bag of sheets and 2 blankets. (not counting the ones on the bed already.)

the clear bin wasn't gone through because they are heirloom quilts that steven's old tyme relatives made. the space heater is on the top shelf.

today, we started in the garage.

yikes. that's where the majority of our stuff it. it was so bad that you literally couldn't walk in there without standing on something.

it's a start.

we went through 7 tubs/boxes. most of them were half full. i scooped stuff up off the floor and threw it in them to fill them up.

this is what is left after throwing stuff in the trash, donating and putting stuff away that should have been put away when we moved in.

a sampling of stuff we got rid of:

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