Sunday, September 26, 2010

ack! asbestos!

so that fridge turned out to just be an icebox. which is fine but it was completely wrapped in asbestos. ew.

steven got most of it off there. then scraped more off later. we are going to re-insulate it in that foil bubble wrap stuff.

we also taped off where we are going to paint purple chalkboard strip on the driver's side.

we also scrubbed out the bathtub. steven hammered out a couple dents in the bottom. i painted some rust converter in a few spots (that's why it looks dirty in the pic).

we started a little on the kitchen. we picked up a desk thingy from a dumpster a few weeks ago. we are going to use it for the kitchen counter and back splash. i didn't get a pic of it though. i should have.

we measured and cut out a hole for the sink, which cleaned up really nicely. i have to shave a little off the inside edges to get the sink to fit a little better.

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