Wednesday, September 8, 2010

a few toys and a cricket

i always hated when my parents would get rid of my toys when i was little. i think it was somewhat traumatic for me. toys would be there one day and just gone the next.

the first time i tried getting rid of some of nicholas' toys he was a baby. under one year old. i had a panic attack because i didn't want to hurt him by getting rid of his things. it was rough. i think i ended up getting rid of 1 grocery bag's worth.

so this morning nicholas and i went through toys together. it was more painless than i thought it was going to be.

we had a little back and forth regarding the train station. he wanted to keep it (and so did i, really) but we just won't have room for it in the bus. :(

so we got rid of: half the blocks, 1 small wire toy, 1 plastic xylophone (we had 2), 1 big activity cube (we had 2), an abacus (we had 2), the train station, and 2 huge stuffed frogs.

when we went out to do the laundry today we found a big cricket stuck in our laundry bucket. poor guy!

nicholas wanted to keep him but when i reminded him that his family was probably looking for him, he let him go.

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