Tuesday, September 7, 2010

labor day weekend = more working (on the bus)

saturday --> steven pressure washed the engine and underside of the bus. i painted rust converter on the middle step and around the wheel wells.

sunday --> i painted and covered/siliconed the middle step with 3/4" plywood. we de-skinned the driver's side. steven started scraping some rust from underneath.

monday --> we de-skinned the door side and one panel from the ceiling.

we're going to replace all the yucky fiberglass insulation with foam board insulation.

i forgot to bring the camera this weekend so we went over to take pics after the library. their favorite time of the week!

they were read a book called "the potter" (that i can't find a link to because everything is either harry potter or peter rabbit) then we played with homemade playdough that the librarian made. fun!

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