Monday, January 31, 2011

bottom step

today i worked on the bottom step. i'd been avoiding it because i wasn't exactly sure how i could fix it. it was completely rusted through.

the whole step was being held up by about 3 inches on the left side. someone put a huge heavy piece of steel over top. it spread the weight out but it was still pretty dangerous.

first i cut out the old rusty step. i had to cut it in half so i could close the door and stand on the ground to cut behind the door. once i got it off, i slathered some rust converter on the edges.

i bolted some reclaimed wood to the sides of the step on either side. then hung 2x4's across the bottom. i glopped some rubber cement on the nuts to keep them from vibrating open.

tomorrow, i'm going to cut some plywood to fit over top.

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