Thursday, July 29, 2010

bye bye, carpet

noah and i took the carpet out today. it looked like they started trying to do it "correctly" then decided that just throwing pieces on the floor would be fine.

the front had carpet padding glued down and the carpet edges rolled under and glued to the rubber floor around the outside.

it took us about a half hour to pull it up and roll/tape it so steven can pick it up later to take it to his work dumpster.

i also pulled off a gross press board shelf and removed some cabinet doors to be reused later.

i brought the shop vac with us so i could vacuum too but it was just too hot. it was 108 outside so it was at least 110-112 in the bus. poor noah kept saying "hot! hot!"

nicholas stayed in steven's grandparent's house to play so i didn't have to worry about him over-heating. noah just about drowned in all the water he drank haha.

we played in the splash slide thingy instead of vacuuming.

we'll go back in the morning to hopefully get it done before it gets too hot.

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