Thursday, July 29, 2010

registration pt.1

we went to the dmv today to get the bus registered and transferred to our name. we didn't know until the dmv woman told us but the title was just a lien title. ugh. so we have to get a bill of sale form filled out by the guy we bought it from and a lien release form filled out by the guy that he bought it from.

cross your fingers that we can find this guy. it only has a p.o. box for an address on the title.

but the good news is that we got the info we need to get the bus registered as a motor home instead of a school bus. (way cheaper insurance!)

we need 4 of these:
  • a cooking facility with an on-board fuel system (i think instead of buying a new rv range/oven, we are going to just get a range and use the toaster oven that we already have.)
  • a gas or electric refrigerator (we have an electric mini-fridge.)
  • a toilet with exterior evacuation (there is a toilet with exterior evacuation but i want to move it to a different spot in the bus.)
  • a heating or air conditioner system with an on-board power or fuel source separate from the vehicle engine (we have a portable a/c that we bought for our bedroom and to use in the bus.)
  • a potable water supply system that includes at lease a sink, a faucet and a water tank with an exterior service supply connection (there is a sink but no water tanks. i guess they were hooking it up directly to the water supply line/drain.)
  • a 110-125 volt electric power supply (the existing electric system looks okay, a few pieces need replacing though)
~ the maximum length of a motor home shall not exceed 45 feet including the front and rear bumpers (i think it's between 30 and 35 ft so we are okay there.)

if you know anyone named Eric Michael Craig send him our way.

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