Friday, July 30, 2010

rails are easy.

the camera was dead yesterday so here are pics of right after the carpet was taken out.

today, i vacuumed a LOT. holy moly. it's FILTHY in there. when i was done steven's grandma was like "uh, you're going to rinse off in the pool, right?" haha

i got up one and a half rails. they were pretty easy. i used a pry bar and the screws just popped right out. the other half rail is underneath the kitchen and couch so i need to do them later after we throw some trash away and i can move stuff around.

we got a little of the rubber flooring up. i keep hearing that getting the rubber up is the hardest part of converting. i think i got lucky because the heat melted the glue. it's just peeling right up.

i also took off the rubber flaps that covered the door edges.

the boys played with steven's little cousin makenzie in the water for a while. they were running back and forth from the yard and the bus.

at one point i had to MAKE them go play. they wanted to work but i was afraid of them getting overheated. haha

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