Saturday, July 31, 2010

it's a good thing we haven't had a fire.

i think the fire extinguisher is somewhat overdue for a recharge. yikes.

steven was off work today so he got to work on the bus with me this morning. we got a little more rubber flooring up and more vacuuming done. he also started the bus up after having a little trouble trying to at lunch yesterday.

we got one of the bathroom walls down completely, all the plastic sheeting around the shower stall and part of the other wall. one of the copper elbows for the shower had a GAPING hole in it. i think we are going to try to reuse the shower pipes except for the piece with the hole.

we started taking the kitchen area apart too.

we took our first load of trash out. we filled up the dumpster at steven's work. oops. i'm not sure how we are going to get rid of the couch yet. i suggested taking it out to the desert but steven said no. grumble.

the front, behind where the fire extinguisher was, was disgusting. really. there was literally 1/2" of grim. gross.

the filth in this thing is unbelievable.

the people we bought it from lived in it for 2 years. i think 2007-2009. there is WAY more than 1 year of sittings worth of dirt. i don't know how someone could live in this thing for THAT LONG without even once thinking "you know, i think i'm going to clean today." granted, i'm not the best housekeeper. but really, disgusting. even for me.

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