Sunday, August 1, 2010

broken splashpad :(

didn't get much done today.

nicholas and noah looooove the splash pad and daddy doesn't get to take them often so he was going to take them over while i got to work uninterrupted for a while. the splash pad was broken though so they played at the park until they ran out of drinks. they were only gone for about a half hour so today's progress was minimal.

i got the kitchen counter and some of it's support beams off, vacuumed more, and popped almost all of the second rail off.

i started on the steps too. they are in rough shape. i needed a ratchet to get the rusted screws out. under the rubber is BAD. the middle step had a huge rusted out hole in it. we are going to have to redo the steps entirely.

depending on what the underside of the floor looks like, we might just have to re-panel the whole floor.

we were talking to steven's brother this afternoon and he was telling us about this stuff. apparently, you just paint it on and it turns the rust into magnetite. i'm not sure what magnetite is, but it's not rust and that's okay with me.

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