Saturday, August 7, 2010

almost done with the deconstruction phase!

woohoo! we got a TON done today.

we took the couch to the dump finally (and had to pay $10 for them to take it. grr). on the way back, as we were going around a curve a huge piece of steel flew off the bottom step. it looked like it was cut to fit over the rusty step. the rust on the bottom step is so bad you cant even step on it. i had to drive back in the van to get the piece that flew off. it was stinking heavy!

we also got the rest of the kitchen taken apart, the shower up, the toilet out, the box over the wheel well up, and more rubber flooring up. we have very little left to do inside. i'm hoping to get to spray it out with a hose soon.

i put a bucket of water up near the drivers seat and the boys played in it the whole time. tomorrow i'm going to bring a big tub. they really liked it.

steven show nicholas how to turn the air breaks on and off. he was excited about getting to pull the lever.

afterward, we went to the (fixed!) splash pad. we got them a couple supersoakers and they LOVED them. we had to go back to the store and get another set because steven and i liked them too :P

while steven ran in to get the 2nd set of supersoakers, i drove around the building with the boys. in the back, they had a bunch of pallets laying out and had an idea. i'm thinking about asking our neighbor (the front end manager at walmart) if they reuse the pallets. if they don't i'm going to see what i can do about reusing them as flooring in the bus. i THINK i saw someone else do that with old pallets. we'll just need to find someone with a planer that we can use. (MAYBE steven's grandpa has one. he does a lot of woodworking.) i'm hoping it works out.

it's been a great day!!

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