Friday, August 6, 2010

laundry score!

i've been thinking about laundry.

i saw a picture somewhere of someone that had a james washer on a drawer on the side of their rv. genius!

but $650? no, thanks.

so i decided that i want to build a james-style washer. i've seen ones that other people have built, no reason i can't too.

but i can't build a wringer. $190? still more that i want to spend on the whole project. i could go the bucket wringer route for $35 but that seems like way more effort than i want to put into laundry.

so i checked craigslist and found one for $25! woot! i called the guy right away and picked it up this afternoon. there is a little rust on the handle but nothing i can't fix. the rollers are somewhat discolored but in good condition.

team work!

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