Saturday, August 14, 2010

bye, bye, heater.

the big project today was to take the rear heater out. the actual removal was easy enough. steven used the prybar and popped the heater off the floor. we moved the heater to the middle of the bus so the hoses were slack.

then we went to the engine and shut off the valves.

back inside, steven cut one hose over a bucket and i lifted it so the anti-freeze would pour in. then he cut the other hose and i lifted that hose. then steven lifted the heater to the ceiling and i jiggles the hoses so all the coolant would pour in the bucket. he took the heater right out to his truck to put it in the dumpster at his work.

the other end of the hoses are clamped up so we can deal with them tomorrow.

i'm refinishing the cabinet that was in there. i'm going to put the sink and stove top in it, i think.

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