Monday, August 9, 2010

a little progress

today as we pulled up to steven's grandparent's house, his dad was just finishing up cutting their lawn. nicholas loves playing with his grandpa. the boys got to play with him while i worked today.

steven was just getting there to pick up trash when we got there too. he and his dad looked at the engine a little to see if they could figure out why he couldn't get it started yesterday. turns out there were a bunch of loose wires and we need a new battery. we needed to get a new battery anyhow because that one is out of steven's car so it's not a purchase we weren't expecting.

i got a little done inside. i took off the corner angle thingy along the door side floor, which came up way easier than i anticipated. i also got the conduit rail off the top door side. i also washed the floor a little.

nothing big, but still progress :)

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