Friday, September 24, 2010


i stole an idea from the halldorson family at unschoolingliberty. the painted some of their bus with chalkboard paint. how exciting! what a great idea! we went the next day to get stuff to do it too.

we wanted it purple though so we got some purple paint and unsanded grout like in this tute. we only did 2 coats of plain paint so far. i painted with the paint brush and steven followed behind me with the foam roller to make it smooth.

we also pressure washed the ceiling.

we got a lead on a free cab-over camper. steven went over a couple days ago and was kind of disappointed. the boys and i went over this morning. they played on the playground on the property while i checked it out. it looks like the only things that are salvageable are the sink and fridge. i was hoping for a stove. we'll just have to keep looking. :)

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  1. :)

    Thanks for the plug. You're doing great. Love the purple. I sanded ours down better and the black stuck this time around so I didn't try the grout mix you suggested but I might use it for another application.