Friday, September 24, 2010

brown paper bag floor

we were thinking about buying a planer and shooting reclaimed pallets through it for the floor.

but then!

i found this tute for brown paper bag flooring. i love it!

steven thought we should do a tester before we do the actual floor. i did an old table we have on the deck. yesterday i did the paper and today i did the first coat of poly.

here's what i learned:
1.) 2'x4' uses 3 bags
2.) don't put the glue on the surface first, put it on the paper.
3.) use bigger pieces of paper. small pieces take forever.
4.) when tearing the paper, hold the words facing you and tear toward yourself. the color doesn't show when you do it this way.

before paper

after paper

close up of not tearing the paper correctly.

after the first coat of poly

bump in the paper where i didn't glue correctly.

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