Saturday, September 25, 2010


we went over to that cab-over camper to get the sink and fridge (we didn't get the fridge today) and outside it there was a 2'x4' bathtub! woohoo!

we were going to get a sit down shower like this. but this is great! i was really bummed at the thought of the boys not being able to take baths. now they can! and it was free!

we also got the little sink out. it's the exact size sink that i wanted so that worked out perfectly.
we also grabbed the drawers and cabinet faces. at the very least we can use the hardware.

we got the first coat of purple with unsanded grout on the chalkboard strip. we're going to wait until it's not so hot to pain anymore. i was painting and steven going behind me with the roller to smooth out the paint. but the paint is drying so fast that it's difficult to get it rolled out quickly enough.

i think we decided we're going to paint the bus blue. it's going to have the purple chalkboard strips and everywhere that's black we're going to paint green.

we're keeping the name even though we're changing the color ;)

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