Friday, January 21, 2011

back to business!

on tuesday, i cut down the bunk beds that julie and mike gave us. it was already unscrewed so all i had to do was cut the planks. there were 11 total so it was a quick job.

wednesday, i put the bottom bunk back t0gether and cut the bottom board.

this morning, i put together the top bunk and stacked them. i had to cut a little of the top to get it to fit against the curved ceiling.

they aren't secured to each other very well. i wouldn't let them jump around on bed like that in a house, let alone in a moving bus. yikes.

they did makes themselves at home by eating lunch on their bed. haha

the head space for the bottom bunk is way taller than the top. we might have to do some more fiddling to get them to be more even.

check out this perfection. 2 of the drawers i pulled out of the cab-over fit perfectly underneath on either side of the wheel well. who's excited? this girl.

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