Sunday, January 30, 2011


we finally finished something! the boys bunk beds are done and ready for sleeping! (not like they will even sleep in them anyway. haha)

we raised up the bottom bunk about 5 inches. i didn't want it too close to the wheel well because i thought it need more insulation space than what there was before.

i build a little box for around the wheel well to hold some insulation. when the bunks are in their final position, it will be screwed to the floor. for right now, it's just sitting there.

i put some foil bubble wrap style insulation in the wheel well box. then i put 3 fleece blankets that were in our yard sale pile over top. i think there were 12 layers of fleece total.

i used a mattress we already had for nicholas' top bunk. i just cut it down to fit. i made noah a new one from a foam mattress topper ($36 for a king size)and the cut off from nicholas' mattress.

i wrapped it in an old sheet and tacked it with embroidery floss (left over from 7th grade bracelet making) so the layers won't shift.

we need to reinforce the legs where they stack but other than that, done!

bonus pic of the beach the other day :)

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